I never knew I could learn so much about organization, but not only did Rachel, founder & owner, help me organize my home, but she also taught me systems that will be helpful in keeping my home organized going forward.

Rachel had many tips and tricks that quickly shape up cramped, cluttered spots into a clean, organized spaces.

Rachel worked her magic throughout my house, and it feel so much lighter, cleaner and legitimately happier now that I have organization throughout.

Alicia Fremling, Phoenix, AZ

I offer only the highest praise and recommendation for Rachel Winter and Happy Home Organizers. Rachel has not only inspired me but has gifted me with common sense tools that I can use to organize other areas of my home. She left behind an organized space that not only I but also my kids and husband can confidently maintain. But more importantly, Rachel left me with something you can’t put a price on, peace of mind!

Cori Zipkin, Phoenix, AZ

I am a very neat and organized person by nature, however, after a couple of moves and life changes I realized I had so much “stuff”….and I knew I needed the accountability to pair things down and really get them streamlined. With Rachel’s incredible help and support we got it done, and my closet is now a haven! All of Rachel’s hints and tips made such an impact! She gets down to business and makes it happen…she’s a speed machine and gets so much accomplished in such a short amount of time! Bring her in and after she’s done breathe easy as you look around and realize how good it feels to have that clutter gone, once and for all! Thank U, Rachel!

Jodi Low, Founder & CEO, U and Improved Leadership Training Programs, Scottsdale, AZ

It’s my pleasure to share with you my personal experience and the positive reception that the Phoenix Public Library experienced from Rachel Winter and her engaging informative workshops for our branches.

Rachel worked with us for the last year facilitating over 12 seminars for the public and a special staff training to help our team become the best they can be in life and at home. Her inspirational message is grounded in research and knowledge to enable an audience to take away nuggets (big and small) to help better their lives. I would highly recommend Rachel for her content, presentation skills, and the practicality of her information.

If I can further expand on details, feel free to contact me.

Kathy Husser
Adult Services Coordinator
Phoenix Public Library
1221 N Central Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85004

I lived semi-comfortably (mostly in denial) in my nice little home, that every year got just a little bit more cluttered. I pushed things I didn’t know what to do with into my spare bedrooms and garage. I would occasionally try to clear out the clutter and quickly get overwhelmed and quit.

Then, I became a mom! And on top of all I had, my kids came with a ton of stuff! I didn’t want my kids living in those conditions. I didn’t want to live in those conditions. So, I hired Rachel! An excellent decision!

And she came. And she brought huge trash and charity donation bags and banana boxes. Was it hard at times? Yes. Was it emotional? Yes. I was very attached to my stuff (much of which I hadn’t seen or used in years). Letting go was so much easier with Rachel’s commonsense approach.

It was confronting, but Rachel kept me moving forward. Her cheerfulness and positive, supporting attitude kept us going. She supported me in letting go of things that no longer served my family. She helped me make functional systems for helping me keep my family organized.

And my home is becoming the home for my kids I dreamed of. The kids’ room is cute and functional. My bedroom is my sanctuary. Even my garage is organized and functional.

I can’t recommend Rachel enough! It has really changed my family’s life. Thanks, Rachel!

Gwendolyn Lee, Phoenix, AZ

“Thank you Rachel, you had vision to see things I could not. I couldn’t be happier to have my ‘adult space’ back. My living room had turned into a playroom. She quickly assessed the areas and figured out what we needed to make our home more functional and less cluttered. While I was figuring out what I was going to tell my 5 ½ year old what happened to all of his toys, Rachel used her wonder with words and by changing a few phrases made it a positive for him. He now has a toy closet and a play space in both my office and his room. He jumped up and down and ran around the house saying ‘This is so cool’. I can’t thank you enough!”

Marni Gerber, Scottsdale, AZ

I had the pleasure of Rachel coming to my home to help declutter and organize some of my worst areas. She has a delightful personality, easy to get a long with and understood some of my saving quirks and we even both laughed a lot. Organizing comes naturally to her. For me the process of deciding where things should go whether thrown out, donate, save, etc. is difficult. She had suggestions and ideas right off. She was able to look at those areas and know what containers I would need. She taught me new ways to fold towels and sheets.

She really does work straight through with no breaks. That was amazing. I wanted one long break.

I would gladly have her back. Thanks Rachel for your help and suggestions.

Gail, Glendale, AZ

“We hired Happy Home Organizers to help clean out and organize our basement. Rachel exceeded our expectations and we would highly recommend hiring her.
Had it not been for her wonderful organizing skills, hands-on work and coaching, this would have been a mind boggling task for us to consider.

She was always punctual and a pleasure to work with. We deeply appreciated how she helped us sort through and organize our items with such gentle consideration and respect. Our experience with her was completely satisfying for us. She is a professional organizer of the highest caliber and we will most certainly hire Happy Home Organizers in the future for any of our organizing needs.”

Terry & Dennis Palmiero, Shelton, CT

“Rachel Winter is the queen of organizing. She came in and organized my cluttered kitchen. Wow! I feel like I have a whole new kitchen. But she is so much more than an organizing expert. She gave me my self-esteem back. She encouraged me to take pride in my surroundings. She has forever changed the quality of my life and for that I am eternally grateful!”

Laura Lehrhaupt, Fairfield, CT

“Hiring Happy Home Organizers was a great decision. I work long hours and needed help organizing my new house. After meeting Rachel and seeing how well she organized my master bedroom, bedroom closet and bathroom, I trusted her completely. She is very kind and it is clear that she cares about her clients. When I hired her the second time to organize my kitchen and patio area, I left her the key so she could organize while I was at work. I never even saw her that day.

What a thrill it was to come home to such a clean, organized house. I had fun wandering around seeing all of the improvements she made… from the medicine cabinet in my bathroom to the drawers and cabinets in my kitchen. In addition, she was always punctual and presents herself in a very professional manner.

I tell all of my friends and family that if you ever need someone to help you get organized, just hire Rachel and let her do her magic.”

Leonard Goldberg, New Haven, CT

“A go-getter, hard worker and excellent planner. These words describe Rachel Winter. She has very high standards and lives up to all of them. The closet and basement she organized for us are fantastic. There is no need to close my doors any longer.”

Elaine Winter, Shelton, CT

“The process was quick and painless and the results were priceless. Rachel worked her magic and in no time it went from total chaos to happiness every time I walked into the room. This is the best our office has looked in the 15 years we have lived in our house. Thank you Rachel. We truly appreciated your help!”

Winnie and Al Perley , Shelton, CT

Life is Happier… when your home is Organized!